Losing Weight & Healthy Eating

How can you eat more healthily?

Our Get Healthy Coaches and partner organisations, including Slimming World, will work with you to help you better understand how the food you eat impacts on your weight, and the best ways in which you can make healthy changes to your diet. They will provide you with simple, easy to understand advice and support to help you make healthier food choices that will lead to a healthier weight. You are also able to access a range of online tips and tools that will help you make the changes you want stick for the long term.

We can all benefit from eating a healthy diet and maintaining a healthy weight, but what is a healthy weight? We use a measurement called Body Mass Index (BMI) to work out how healthy your weight is. There is a BMI calculator available in the online tool selection when you register your online account. Keeping track of how much your BMI reduces is one of the best ways to monitor your weight loss progress and this is something that we can support you with.

Better Health 2021

Better Health is Public Health Englands new adult health campaign.  It provides an opportunity for the nation to go back to basics and introduce healthy changes. For many, the past few months have been a wake-up call, with people realising how precious their health is and recognising that it is time to get back on track. There has never been a better time to kickstart your health and Better Health has a range of tools and support to help support individuals on their weight loss journey.

Our top tips

  • Keep hydrated. Aim for 6-8 glasses of water per day
  • Start your day with a healthy breakfast 
  • Fill up on fibre, to feel fuller for longer
  • Aim to eat 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day
  • Only weigh yourself once a week

Next Steps

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