Stopping Smoking

Are you considering stopping smoking?

Stopping smoking is one of the single biggest decisions you can make to living a healthier life. You can quit smoking at any time and even if you've smoked all your life, you will see significant improvements to your health within 48 hours of quitting. 

But beating an addiction is not easy and if you really want to quit, you are four times more likely to quit with the help of a stop smoking advisor, such as a Get Healthy Coach. We are able to provide stop smoking advice and support online, in person and over the phone to suit your requirements. Our Get Healthy Coaches will offer you the support, motivation and expert advice that you need to stop smoking for good. We are also able to advise you on, and supply a range of stop smoking aids such as a nicotine replacement therapy. 

***Due to the increased demand on Royal Mail at the moment, Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) is taking longer to be delivered. Please be patient and understand we are doing all we can to get these products delivered safely to you. Thank you, Get Healthy Rotherham***

If you register with Get Healthy Rotherham today, you will be able to see what support and tools are available to you.

Our top tips

  • Have your final cigarette, don't doubt your ability to quit
  • Smokers are up to four times more likely to quit with the help of a stop smoking adviser 
  • Aim to spend the money you save by quitting, on something you really want
  • Spread the word! You're more likely to quit if you have support from friends and family
  • Find something that distracts you for when you get a craving. Try going for a walk.


Next Steps

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